frequently asked questions

We’ve pulled together some of the most common questions we get asked about spunj, hopefully you’ll find the answer you’re looking for, but if you still have a question, please contact us or drop us a DM on instagram.


my spunj product is damp inside the packaging, is that correct?

Yes, it’s correct that spunj products will be slightly damp in the packaging. This is the storage preservative which is included to prevent spoiling. Just give your spunj product a quick rinse before first use and then it will be good to go!

how long should I rinse my spunj product before use?

Before first use, simply rinse your spunj product under clean water for a couple minutes and your spunj product is good to go!

why is my spunj product hard?

If you haven’t used your spunj product for a while it may have dried out and gone hard. Simply give your spunj product a good soak in clean water to reactivate it.

how can I wash my spunj product?

For a light clean you can simply rinse your spunj product in clean water or, for a deeper clean you can put it in your washing machine with your other cleaning cloths on a 30˚C wash with no detergent.

why is the colour of my spunj product fading?

The colour of your spunj product will naturally fade over time as it is used, but we can assure you that this does not affect its cleaning performance.