ultra fun cleaning!

We know that cleaning can sometimes feel like a chore, so we created spunj in order to bring people products that turn everyday cleaning in to something fun.

Who knows… with spunj you might even look forward to cleaning!


up condensation, splashes and spills

spunj pads and cloths can hold up to seven times their weight in water, making them super handy to keep in the bathroom or kitchen to keep things clean and dry with a quick and easy wipe.


surfaces until they sparkle

Since spunj products can hold up to seven times their weight in water, don’t just stop when the water you can see has gone – keep wiping to leave a sparkling shine.


out all that water

spunj holds water drip free, so once you’ve soaked up all the water and left a sparkling shine, just take your spunj to the sink and squeeze out all the water you collected.

get your hands on a spunj

wipe away condensation

soak splashes and spills

shine surfaces and glass

damp dust

spunj in action!

see how useful spunj products can be

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